e-Öğrenim Ana Sayfası


Training materials and instructional information that is delivered electronically over the Web, through an organization' s intranet, or via CD-ROM, is known as e-Learning. An online course is a popular type of e-Learning which can include test questions. Using multimedia and interactive technology to illuminate the topic, e-Learning can engage the learner with video and audio features, self-paced navigation, and options such as pop-up hints and hyperlinks to related topics.
In a world where access to information is the key to staying competitive, organizations rely on people who are continualy leranng new skills, crafting innovative solutions to changing circumstancesand staying informed and responsive. With e-Learning, you can provide afordable training to as many employees or business partners as you need, at any time, fro any location. You can create an instant, state-of-the-art learning system in a fraction of the time needed to implement a more traditional solution. You also have access to solid reporting tools that allow you easily track both student progress and your training budget.
When you compare e-learning with traditional classroom training, e-learning has many advantages. One advantage is cost savings. Corporatins and schools often need to strech funds while maintaining high quality training progams. The cost of developing, distributing, and maintaining an e-learning applicatin is often much more less than the cost of an instructor led-training program. Online learning can help organizations get the most out of their budgets and can add valuable learining tools and techniques.

Another advantage to e-Learning is the ability to update any topic in your published content and deliver the results instantly over  the internet or an intranet. Now all of your learning material can be up-to-date wihout the expense of reprinting a book , storing inventory, or manually distributing an update.

In an online course, you can deliver an unlimited number of colorful graphics and special effects that direct attention to the important points in the learning material. Students can interact with new material right away, by answering practice questions and directing their own learing pace. When you include questions in a course, student answers can be automatically tracked with a e-learning management system such as Ingenium from click2learn.com.