Analyzing interval-censored survival-time data in Stata

Ne zaman:  Çarşamba, 24 Ocak 2018, Türkiye saati ile  19:00 

Description: Join Xiao Yang, Senior Statistician and Software
Developer, as she describes basic types of interval-censored data and
demonstrates how to fit parametric survival models to these data
using Stata’s new stintreg command.

Incorporating Stata into reproducible documents – Webpages, Word, and PDF

Ne zaman:  Salı, 6 Şubat 2018, Türkiye saati ile  19:00 

Description: Stata 15 introduces several commands that facilitate
automated document production, including dyndoc for converting
dynamic Markdown documents to webpages, putdocx for creating Word
documents, and putpdf for creating PDF files. Join Hua Peng, Director
of Software Engineering, to see these commands in action.

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